Introducing the Phoenix PL

The CCS Phoenix Counterflow
in a Modular Design for Heavy-Duty Applications

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CCS Custom Field-Erected FRP Cooling Towers, Concrete Cooling Towers, FM 4930 Approved Cooling Towers

Composite Cooling Solutions (CCS) is a custom cooling tower solutions provider specializing in the design and construction of field-erected fiberglass (FRP) and concrete cooling towers for both crossflow or counterflow applications. Our exclusive tower structure is unlike any other on the market — using custom-engineered components and a flexible, open-frame design to enable faster and safer project execution and lower costs over the life of the tower. CCS has more FRP cooling tower experience than anyone in the industry, and more FM Approved cooling towers installed than all other manufacturers combined.

From our founding leaders who pioneered the cooling tower industry to our experienced and responsive installation and service teams, you can rely on CCS to deliver a lasting solution for your cooling needs.

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Counterflow vs. Crossflow—What's the Difference? Learn More


Counterflow Towers tend to require less physical space, but more pumping energy to operate.

Air is pulled upwards through the fill media, "counter" to the downward flow of water through the fill. CCS Phoenix® counterflow towers are available in capacities from 1000-4000 tons per cell, and are FM Approved with our standard FRP basin.

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Crossflow Towers usually require less pumping energy to operate, but more physical space and fan horsepower to maximize heat transfer.

Air is drawn through side inlets in a direction "across" the downward flow of water through the fill media. CCS 3000XLF™ and Titan™ crossflow towers are available in capacities from 1000-4000 tons per cell.

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CCS Differences

ThermaFit™ Tower Selection Software

CCS is the only tower manufacturer that builds crossflow or counterflow tower designs just as readily to fit your application. How do we determine which is best? Our own ThermaFit program helps determine the optimal tower design from a range of possibilities, matching size and performance requirements without being restricted by "standard product" limitations. Read More >>

CCS Differences

Multi-Flo™ Distribution System

Our Multi-Flo distribution system allows the number, location and capacity of spray nozzles to be optimized to match tower dimensions and performance requirements. Tower performance can be tuned to deliver superior performance, with turndown capabilities as low as 30-50% of total capacity for efficient tower operation through a wider range of load conditions. Read More >>

CCS Differences

FM 4930 Approved Construction

CCS' FM 4930 Approved cooling towers are the only ones on the market that are approved using their standard structure and components, using all FRP material including the basin (no concrete). We were also the first company to obtain FM 4930 Approval without a sprinkler system, eliminating that installation and ongoing maintenance expense. Read More >>

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